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Gun control Agenda and the spate of "random" mass shootings

Taking guns away from people that didnt perpetrate a crime does not solve any problem, any more than outlawing cars because of a spike in dui's.

It also restricts law-abiders from defending themselves and their families from the lawless and crazy people that are on the streets in many cases after committing multiple felonies (and who would be the last to obey any gun laws/restrictions). This is an obvious failing of the justice system (which is itself engineered, and brought to you by the same folks who want to disarm you.)

To review some obvious facts:

Shootings happen highest in areas where gun laws are the most restrictive for the same reason crime has increased where law enforcement has been de-funded or highly restricted. Guns are a deterrent. The fear of an armed law-abiding citizen makes perps think twice and/or move on to other targets. In liberal-run cities where police have had their hands tied from enforcing the law, and/or where mayor's and prosecuters have made public notice they are not going to prosecute certain crimes (due to their anti-law, pro-Communist ideologies), criminals brazenly commit crimes with no fear of being stopped. These cities are becoming lawless and unliveable by numerous accounts.

False flag shootings
If governments are given more powers during emergencies, governments will create emergencies to increase their power. As well as to institute their agendas.

It's always the same narrative anytime there's a 'random shooting' - an emotional parade of people calling for gun control... the public shaming of gun owners who in *multiple* instances (generally not reported by msm) have actually thwarted shootings and taken down an active shooter before he was able to do more harm.

Mainstream narratives are nothing more than a propaganda machine. Consider any of the incidents - san bernandino, las vegas, orlando, boston, sandy hook, etc etc
AS WELL AS THE LATEST ONES (click for info on uvalde event)

Multiple eye-witnesses in every instance of the above-mentioned shootings/bombings have testified that the narratives presented by mainstream media were inaccurate, and many have pointed out the impossibility of a number of them (eg las vegas having only one shooter). Many have exposed the various incidents by pointing out that crisis actors are hired to play the roles of victimized citizens, security agencies were on the scene days before the event, eyewitnesses who present this information or who offer a different version of events than that presented in the media are harassed or in some cases disappear....It is difficult for many Americans to grasp that entire narratives of highly publicized events are completely planned and staged in order to sway public opinion in a certain direction (eg, get people outraged at another set of shooting victims so they gladly accept the governments solution of gun confiscation).

Yet we live in an age of complete deception, increasingly brought about by mass manipulation of cultural opinion through the use of media, who expertly use these methods of stirring up emotions in order to advance the political agendas of those that control the media. Those in power want to disarm the US citizens...So they create tragic events -yes, they do create them - and then produce a pageant of victims telling their stories in front of cameras...and everyone accepts it as real, organic, unstaged....

Yet no one in these pageants ever seems to ask any other obvious questions - ie, no one blabbering in front of a mainstream news camera ever questions the 'solution' put forth (take guns from people who didn't commit the crime). No one questions why people who've committed multiple offenses are still out on the street instead of behind bars. Why sentences for felons have been greatly reduced, why laws are arbitrarily enforced or not enforced at all. Of course it's because the same corrupt entities who want to disarm America have infiltrated and completely corrupted the justice system at every level.

Nor does it seem that anyone ever questions the 'facts' presented by the msm as to the identifcation and backstory of the alleged perpetrators - but just blanketly accept the bs narratives issuing forth from official persons with official microphones and tv cameras reciting to us the official scripted narratives, all (suspiciously) using the same sound bites, the same phrases, the same footage, designed to the induce the same response from average brain-dead mainstream news-consuming American. And so (if all goes as planned), the same audience silently and blindly accepts the only 'solution' provided - the same non-sensical (to any thinking person) 'solution' of banning guns. Or at least (they're hoping) the average American will have enough doubt created in his mind that he quietly acquiesces to that which he doesn't fully agree with.The illusion created by mass media (all owned by the same people) is that 'everyone, every common sense thinking person, all the experts' etc...would obviously come to the conclusion that 'guns are the problem, gun control is the only solution'...Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's minister of propaganda, is credited with the phrase "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it"...
This is clearly the MO of mainstream media.

In other words, they're lieing to us (gasp). If you're not convinced that the mainstream media doesnt present anything that isn't spun to present a certain agenda, isn't used as a primary tool to create and steer public opinion in some predetermined direction, you need to educate yourself.

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