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Many people are wondering if america is done... if we are witnessing the disintegration of culture and the ensuing wave of inevitable takeover by authoritarian, non-democratic rulers (their plan all along)... the pieces for this are already in place, by the way... it is part of the plan - the controlled demolition.

So yes, I believe most strongly that America is done. That is, the America we knew - its beliefs, institutions, freedoms, protection, security, culture, etc ... but it was done quite awhile ago..
This is the slow toppling of a building that has been blown up from inside - a controlled demolition. In a real building demolition, the outward structure, up to the very top of the building appears intact and as it was even up to a few minutes... until it slowly crumbles to the ground in a pile of rubble due to the destruction of its internal supports.

America collapsed over the last 50 years or so when it decided to reject God and his laws, when it took drugs, when it lived selfishly, pursued sensuality and pleasure and materialism and self-interest, deception and greed over and above all other things. That was the inward demolition - and it was very deliberately planned and controlled behind the scenes... Now we will bear witness to the inevitable collapse of the outward structure - the democratic government (though even that is largely a facade), the institutions, the law and order, the culture of freedom we've come to expect and enjoy... it's just a matter of timing - anyone's guess --how long before it is totally gone - but it is quickly going down in stages... The endgame may be that we are taken over by another country (though in many respects we already are) but I believe that it is inevitable.. a 'when' not 'if' type of question...

Obviously this didn't happen overnight - that's why I called this a planned or controlled demolition... the enemies of America (and of free people in general) have been working non-stop to disintegrate our culture through pushing non-values - the hedonistic lifestyle, anti-family, anti-religion, anti-every value that used to define American ideals, and its foundation of judeo-christian beliefs.. We've witnessed the destruction of the family, the advancement of political correctness as the official state religion, education 'reform' in multiple phases and under different labels, but each having the same core of relativism and indumbtrination, the gradual but unmistakable demonization of those that hold Godly traditional or old-america values, etc etc..(and this is just a sampling of the over-reaching takeover agenda)..

Of course there many who don't do these things - who have seen the madness for what it is and have retained some degree or another of sense, reason, and morality... who live more or less by God's laws (even if they would not identify themselves in that way), and even many who have realized that God is forsaking America and have sought repentance and change of lifestyle away from the hedonism and apathy that now characterizes large segments of our culture..

I believe that those that don't do these things can survive - at least for awhile - but in a much different America.. though it will be one of foreigners in their own country - of strangers in a strange land .. It will be of small enclaves, hidden communities (eventually), communes, etc.. In other words, we will be no longer be able to rely on the protection of our government and our former rights of freedom of religion and speech (which have been under attack for decades now) for our 'aberrant' (and abhorrent) way of life (remember being called a 'basket of deplorables'?) That is how the new ruling class views those that don't go along with their agenda of controlling America through destroying its soul.

Stay tuned for part II

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